Julie Brown – Business Owner

Following on from the success of Bencke & Brown, I am continuing my passion to bring joy through planting; rejuvenating empty pots and window boxes in front and rear gardens and creating new containers or flower beds to improve outdoor spaces for the people that own them and for the wildlife that live in them. Plants bring happiness, no doubt about it – and improving the state of our mental health is something I feel strongly about.

I started out many years ago helping run outdoor management development programmes and realised that being outdoors has a powerful effect on how people behave. Having worked for Richmond Borough Mind and more recently in education, I have witnessed first-hand the healing influence of nature and the importance of bringing nature into the classroom. It has been a real pleasure to see the difference that plants can make to people.

I used to have a subscription for a flower delivery every couple of weeks, until I realised what a complete waste of money and resources it was – for me and for the environment – so I decided that I would stop buying flowers and instead buy a plant. Within a couple of months my house resembled a greenhouse and now I only need to propagate them if I want more and swap with a friend if I fancy a change. Replace cut flowers with perennials! Better for the planet and better for your pocket!


That’s my mission. Let’s get planting.

Lets Get Planting

Our Approach

Our Approach

Getting to know you

A free consultation enables us to understand your requirements, your personality, your space and the location of planting. It is as important to know what you DON’T like as much as what you DO like!

Follow Up

After the consultation, we research options and prices and provide you with a quote. The actual plants themselves are difficult to specify exactly, as it depends what is available at the time of purchasing – and more importantly, what the plant quality is actually like – but we will give you some options of plants that should be available. Lots of clients like to leave the final choice to us and are nicely surprised at what we finally deliver! If the quote is acceptable, a 50% deposit is taken. We will only send you the final invoice when the job is completed to your satisfaction.



We have two approaches: either we can collect your pots from you and plant offsite or we can come to you and plant onsite. If you already have old plants in your pots, we can replant them in your garden at a small additional cost and replace the compost.


Delivery will take place at a mutually convenient time. We leave your premises spotless – our only footprint will be the beautiful containers adorning your property. An after-care sheet is emailed to you with instructions for the upkeep of your new plants.

You won’t have to lift a finger, although you will have to commit to giving them a drink from time to time!

Lets Get Planting


Guide price only

The exact price depends on the size of pots, plants used and availability.

Containers – Planting only – diameter:
25cm from £35
30cm from £45
40cm + from £55

Window Boxes – Planting only – length:
30cm from £35
40cm from £45
50cm + from £55

Gifts– Includes pot & plants
From £25

Seasonal Wreaths
From £50